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Those tabs are far from being perfect as Kelly's playing can't be taught just by giving chords and tunings. my advice is to listen to his songs carefully, those transcriptions may help you too ;)
Don't forget to check out the two Homespun videotapes, they also includes tabs. Also if you want to learn the lapslide guitar, KJP teaches a beginner lesson @ www.acguitar.com.

Please send me tabs, questions & correction

tab name guitar author format
Part of the Homespun Lap Slide video intro LapSlide Alex word
Cardboard Box Of Batteries (chords) straight Doug txt
Circle Wars (chords) straight Gren txt
Don Quixote's Windmill straight JF G. txt
Flash Cards straight Troy word
Fleashine straight JF G. txt
Goodnight Irene LapSlide JF G. txt
Hobo's Son LapSlide JF G. txt
Mr. My Go straight JF G. txt
River Rat Jimmy straight Jonathan Power Tab
River Rat Jimmy straight JF G. txt
That's Alright straight JF G. txt
Taylor John straight JF txt
Taylor John straight Troy word
Tommy straight JF G. txt
Waiting For Marty (chords) straight Doug txt
Wandering Away LapSlide JF G. txt
Worn Out straight JF G. txt

For LapSlide Guitar

KJP almost always plays in open D tuning (DADF#AD). There are some exceptions anyway :
Doxology : 12-string guitar probably tuned in C/G,G/D,C/G,E/B,G/D,C/G
Roll Away the Stone: 12-string guitar tuned in C/G,G/D,C/G,E/B,G/D,C/G
See That My Grave is Kept Clean : 12-string guitar tuned in C/C,D/A,D/A,F#/F#,A/A,D/D.
Taylor John (slide version): CGCGCF, capo 3rd fret

For Straignt Guitar

  song title tuning capo
Beggar’s Oil CGCGCF 2
Capman Bootman DADGCD 3
Clementine DADGBD 3
Don Quixote’s Windmill DGDGBD (Open G)
Flash Cards DADGBE (Drop D)
Fleashine EADGBE (standard) 5
Footprints DADF#AD (Open D) 2
Gold Tooth DGDGBD (Open G) 2
Hosanna CGCGCE (Open C)
I am the light of this world DGDGBD (Open G) 2
Many A Time CGCGCF 3
Mr. My Go DGDGBD (Open G)
Piece By Piece EBEABE (Open E) 1
River Rat Jimmy CGCGCF 5
Sally Ruby EADGBE (standard)
Taylor John DADGBD
That’s Alright EADGBE (standard)
Tommy EADGBE (standard) 5

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