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photos taken by David Knight at Byron Bay Bluesfest 2004


960x1280 960x1280 1280x960 960x1280 960x1280
photos taken by Anne Sydenham in Melbourne, Australia - April, 6 2004

960x1280 960x1280
photos from Ryan Leaf in Ashland, OR - 2004

1280x960 960x1280
photos from Geordie in Glasgow, Scotland - 2002 or 2003.

750x1000 750x1000 750x1000
photos taken by Alex in Sarzana, Italy - 2003.

982x749 764x963
Live @ the Bandstand in Southsea, UK by Peter Ashton - June 2003

505x343 505x343 505x343
photos taken by Philippe Espeil in Caluire, France - November 2002 Other pics on Phil's site

1280x960 1280x960 1280x960 1280x960 1280x960 1280x960
photos taken by Cyril in Nancy, France - November 2002.

809x590 840x962
photos taken by Alex in Sarzana, Italy - early 2002.

photo taken by Frank Gasparik @ the Edmonton Folk Festival, Canada - August 2001.

800x523 800x523 800x513
photos taken by Cyndi @ Merlefest, NC - 2000.

a note: if anyone objects to a particular picture being posted because it infringes with a copyright, please let me know and I will remove it.



1098x483 1192x792 461x600
from Guitar Player Magazine, 1998

400x337 148x181 150x150 731x914 300x432 164x145 593x400 180x116 510x340


artwork by Sunil Achia, 2004
"The Blues Was Here" cassette tape
"Traditional Blues" cassette tape
"Night @ the Sky Church 2002" Bootleg artwork by Jean-François G.
"Live @ Newcastle Opera House 2002" Bootleg artwork by Fab
"Live in Quebec City 2002" Bootleg artwork by French-Connection
"Live unplugged @ the Ridgefield Library 2002" Bootleg artwork by Jean-François G.
"Live in Montreal 2003" Bootleg artwork by Jean-François Tremblay
"Live in Newcastle Upon Tyne 2003" Bootleg artwork by Jean-François G.
"Live in Cavaillon 2003" Bootleg artwork by Nykoz@c

On other sites:

2 photos @ talkinblues.com

Live in Camden, ME - 17th December 2002.

Live in Paris, France 2nd December 2002.

Live in Merlefest, NC in 2000.

Live @ the Aladdin Theater Decemmber 1999.

Live @ the Rogue Folk Club 19th September 1999.
pictures taken by Genia Ainsworth.

Live @ the Nightingale Cafe September 1999.

Live in Hightstown, NJ 1999.
pictures taken by Tay Mueller.


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