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KJP's Taping Policy
September 23rd, 2005

I asked KJP's management if it would be ok if I shared some live recordings via internet and here is their answer:

Due to a few KJ fans who have abused recording some of KJ's shows, KJ has changed his taping policy. This is his new taping policy:

The taping policy as follows. Since Kelly Joe has an exclusive recording contract, it is absolutely illegal for us to grant a blanket approval for such activities. In certain instances, if special permission is sought ahead of time and granted in writing, a waiver can be obtained. But even in those special circumstances, it will be allowed only if these three provisions are strictly adhered to:

1) absolutely no board feed

2) absolutely no standing mic's (handheld only)

3) the recordings are for private use only. If the person taping endeavors in any way to distribute the recording for compensation or none, they will be violating the law and most importantly, Kelly's trust.

Some bits of news
July 24th, 2005

This site has not been updated in ages. I didn't have the patience with everything related to technology and computers for some time, so I kinda got lazy. If someone more at ease with web stuff would like to make a good fan site, you can contact me and I'll be happy to give away all the info on this site.

I would like to thank anyone who writes me and visits my site. Unfortunately, if you don't find something you're looking for on this site, it's simply that I can't answer you. You'd better ask your question at the yahoo group where people are more updated than me on everything related to Kelly Joe. I still haven't bought his live album, so go figure!

On another subject, Shane Quentin asked me to warn you that he added 2 songs by Kelly Joe from his radio show to listen at the Garden of Earthly Delights

Please e-mail me news, tabs, photos or just about anything, thank you!


Kelly Joe phelps is a musician and songwriter from Oregon State who was first most well-known as one of the best living "bluesman" and lapslide guitar player. He has since left the slide behind him and its his unique craft for songwriting which is now praised by critics and simple listeners alike. This site is my tribute to Mr. Phelps and is complementary to the official website. This is the 3rd version of the site first created in september 2001. best viewed at 1024x728.

"Dad used to stomp his foot damn near through the floor punching out piano music he learned as a kid becoming the music I heard as a kid. I've watched mine sit slack-jawed watching him weave magic and realize over and again the amazing strength of music. A straight line string running up down through and around. I could've said (sometime back) you can't see it - can be felt and heard, you are moved by and move with it - but now you and I can see colors (red flies across an orange-purple sky, white squares with green shadows flip-flop in a blue box inside painted yellow outside set on a black floor) so we can see music with other eyes. These see what coffee tastes like, what a handshake feels like. Opening a can of beans with a jack-knife and eating them with the blade or listening to Doc Watson. Music serves a grand function in this crazy old world, and all of us, one way or another, are singers.
Let your song fly. The rest of us need it."


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