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by Terry Sullivan

John Standefer's Praise Guitar Workshop...
is a must for all serious guitar players!

Terry Sullivan with John Standefer I have played both acoustic and electric guitar professionally in several different band formats for a number of years. My musical journey has given me the opportunity to play with and learn from many guitar greats such as Gatemouth Brown, Omar "Kent" Dykes from Omar and the Howlers as well as John Mayall from the Blues Breakers. I am primarily a flat picker, and can play just about any "electric" blues song you put in front of me. Nevertheless, over the last few years, I have really turned to acoustic fingerstyle playing. There is something to be said about a solo guitar player and singer who can hold the rhythm of a song, play bass notes, chords and melody lines all with just six strings and ten fingers.

To help with my new journey, I attended Kelly Joe Phelps' workshop at the Fur Peace Ranch in southern Ohio where I focused exclusively on lap-style playing. Several times throughout the session, Kelly mentioned this very talented fingerstyle player from the northwest by the name of John Standefer. Kelly had taken lessons from John when he was just seventeen, and it really influenced his playing.

When I got back to Texas, I looked John up on the Internet and discovered he conducts a fabulous workshop called the Praise Guitar Workshop. John travels across the country teaching his students music theory, scales and building chords, reading notes, picking and strumming patterns and much more... everything you need to become a great fingerstyle player. I can't say enough nice things about John and his workshop. He is an excellent communicator that has a unique talent to bring complex ideas into an easy-to-understand format. He has spend countless hours putting a training package together that is chalked full of valuable information. I also recommend you buy one or more of his music CD's as John is one of the best guitar players I have every had the pleasure of hearing.

If you really want to learn more about how to play guitar, attend one of his workshops. It will be one of the best creative decisions you will ever make...

©Terry Sullivan, December 2001


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