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  Kelly Joe Phelps live au Théâtre de Roanne
with Scott Amendola & Keith Lowe

Roanne, France
October 11th, 2003

Kelly Joe Phelps - vocals, guitar
Scott Amendola - drums, percussion
Keith Lowe - upright bass

audience recording to MD.

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last night was the 5h time I've seen KJP live, the 2nd time with his band, and the show was amazing as usual. Me and my friends were sitting 1st row and it was so great to see the 3 buddies having so much fun. I managed to enter the theater during soundcheck to see Keith and Scott jamming before KJP joined them, but a guy, which I believe was the theater manager asked us to leave, so we couldn't be among the 10 or so people witnessing the fun KJP and his friends have before a concert. But the show was so great we soon forgot our "bad luck". Keith has so much fun trying to guess what song Kelly is playing the intro of, because all those intros where breathtakingly brilliant (especially for "Fleashine" and "Waiting For Marty"), difficult to know where he was going exactly though I could recognize the song by its move and peculiar sound the intros where each time an amazing moment of improvisation. Scott seemed to have equal fun, I could see his face light as they were to play footstomping songs like "Gold Tooth", and grimace at the sounds of sad songs like "Cardboard Box of Batteries", it was as though he was to cry. Their version of Tommy was the best I've heard with a band, Kelly changed a bit the chord voicings. Capman Bootman was also a great moment that night, KJP started by saying to Keith: "Let's play a little game... will you recognize that song from the first CD" and as soon as he started the intro we could see it's a song Keith love to play. I remember they played it in Paris in June and it was a blast too.
I recorded the show on MD, it's the first time I record a concert and it seems to be a decent audience recording despite a little perturbation on the intro to "Waitting For Marty", I guess due to a mobile phone in the audience, but at least it will be a great souvenir :)
After the end of the show Keith came back on stage and he noticed a girl just next to us he seemed very happy to see again and he took her backstage. We were too blown away to ask anything more so we went back to our car almost voiceless and I drove back to my hometown, Lyon. My mind was still witnessing the band on stage so it took me several minutes to notice I was driving without light! We will go see them again next friday and I'm sure it will be as much fun.

Jean-François G.


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