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  Kelly Joe Phelps live @ the Great American Music Hall
with Scott Amendola & Keith Lowe

San Francisco, Ca
May 4th, 2003

Kelly Joe Phelps - vocals, guitar
Scott Amendola - drums, percussion
Keith Lowe - upright bass

taped from soundboard

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Just six weeks ago I saw Kelly Joe Phelps with Zubot & Dawson. Last night was with Keith Lowe on bass and Scott Amendola on drums. My friend and I arrived about half an hour before the opening act and discovered that we could buy a "dinner" ticket for $19. We got served dinner AND got a front row table seat. The Great American Music Hall is a wonderful venue and Kelly Joe filled the house. The energy was spectacular and Kelly Joe's playing and voice were as strong as I've heard them. The interaction between Kelly Joe and Keith Lowe was, at times, comical. The two of them definitely have a lot of fun playing together. One of my highlights, a band version of "Capman Bootman". Simply awesome. The setlist (to the best of my memory):

All songs with Keith Lowe and Scott Amendola:

It's James Now
Gold Tooth
Not So Far To Go
Slingshot Professionals
Capman Bootman
Carboard Box Of Batteries
Window Grin
Circle Wars
Knock Louder

Waiting For Marty

A side note: I met a guy who works for Kelly Joe's management. He was plugging into the soundboard and said he was taping for Kelly Joe. He also mentioned the Great American Music Hall was possibly making a documentary on Kelly Joe. We can only hope!

Jim Patterson

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