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  Kelly Joe Phelps live @ the Little Fox
with Zubot & Dawson

Redwood City, CA
March 24th, 2003

Kelly Joe Phelps - vocals, guitar
Steve Dawson - weissenborn
Jesse Zubot - violin & mandolin

this show was videotaped

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Got to see Kelly Joe perform last night with Zubot & Dawson (just those two, not their band). It was great to hear the new tunes with the violion/mandolin and weissenborn. The Little Fox is a very small venue and I would estimate that there were only about 100 people in attendance. Sitting in the second row and watching the three of them was a delite! Got a chance to ask Kelly Joe if it was okay to tape the show after getting denied by the box office. He said "ok, but no board patch". Fair enough. A very nice audio copy (thanks to boogie who taped it) will be available and uploaded to Adam's FTP in a couple of days. My video may get released, but I'll have to check the quality. Setlist to the best of my memory:

River Rat Jimmy
Capman Bootman

With Zubot & Dawson:
Window Grin
Knock Louder
Not So Far To Go

Solo again:
That's Alright

With Zubot & Dawson:
Gold Tooth
Circle Wars
It's James Now

Encore with Zubot & Dawson:
Slingshot Professionals

Kelly Joe seemed relaxed and eager to let the other two take some leads. He commented on how he's always looking down at an electronic tuner which he isn't used to using, but that Z&D won't let him play with them if he's out of tune! Ha!

Jim Patterson

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