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  Kelly Joe Phelps live @ the Spectrum
with the Zubot & Dawson Band

Montreal, Qc
March 8th, 2003

Kelly Joe Phelps - vocals, guitar
Steve Dawson - weissenborn
Jesse Zubot - violin & mandolin
Eliot Polsky - drums, percussion
Keith Lowe - acoustic bass

recorded to MD


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Greetings from the Great White North...where it is fudging cold right now. I was at the Spectrum in Montreal last Saturday for KJP performance with Zubot and Dawson. Great gig. Opening act by Zubot and Dawson was quite interesting...but uneven. Brilliant musical moments followed by quite insipid ones. Then, KJP took the stage solo, and I mean that literally. River Rat Jimmy, followed by Katie, Capman Bootman and finally Wagoner's lad. Riveting performance...Just magic... Zubot and Dawson joined in for songs from the new album. Have to say that I was quite impressed with how they were able to blend in with KJP. Songs from the new album were great, especially Jericho, Slingshot Professionals and Cardboard Box of Batteries. The encore(s) were absolutly stunning. The best version of Gold Tooth I have ever heard. The "drive" provided to the song by Zubot and Dawson was just great. Much more energetic than the rythmic section on the album and live rendition at the Jazz festival last summer. It just made it a better song... Same with Tommy. Finally, "Piece by Piece" and "Turn around" ended a memmorable evening. I have seen KJP many times. Probably the best performance I have seen. He looked and sounded a lot sober than last summer at the Jazz festival where the crowd fell kind of left out with all the mumbling and the "inside jokes" with the musician. This time he looked and sounded like he was thoroughly enjoying the evening. I have never seen him finish a performance with 3 encores...Unfortunatly, made me feel like going home and burning by guitars.......................



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